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Going Green , we have all heard the phrase but is it possible ? yes , however , its going to take years before we can get to that place before we can call the world a green planet. There are plenty of alternative energy resources out there that can not only benefit humans but our environment as well. With petroleum based fuels running out quickly , its only logical to find new energy sources that are clean , efficient , renewable and most importantly not harmful to the environment. Solar energy is probably the most common type of alternative energy resource you hear about today , and that's for good reason , solar energy is one of the most powerful , cheap and efficient ways of harnessing clean new energy , through solar panels the suns rays are harnessed and directly transferred to powering homes , cars and even cities. Another low cost option is wind energy , wind farms have now been present in Europe and account for much of their energy usage , wind farms are now taking their place in the world. The newest discovery and perhaps the most powerful is that of algae bio fuels , energy harvested from algae. The technology however is new , on the upside it can be used to make diesel , gasoline and jet fuel. Going green isn't so much a ideology as it is a reality these days , however it is up to us to take charge and stand up. Alternative energy resources will bring new jobs and increase revenue , thus stimulating the worlds economy. The force behind the movement is growing , we just need to keep pushing , the road to a green future wont be easy or be short , but when we arrive to our dream destination , it will be better for us and for the earth.

Review: Secrets of Building Solar Energy

Build your own Solar Panels, saving $1,000's off of retail price.
Almost anyone can do this, even if you have experience.
A step-by-step guide that will show you exactly how to build your own solar panel system. 

Secrets of Building Solar Energy

It doesn't make a lot of sense (Cents) to spend money, if you can actually save money. Solar energy is perhaps the most talked about resource worldwide. Home and business owners seek for legitimate ways to cut back on their energy consumption. It's no secret that excessive energy use, leads to higher utility bills.

If you are serious about saving money and conserving energy, you can make your own solar panels. Solar panels can convert light, particularly sunlight into usable energy.  Solar panel consists of a gathering of solar cells. You can easily learn how to make solar panel at home, using a solar cell, or a lighting source. A solar cell is a semiconductor which works similar to that of silicon.

Many DIY solar panels can be built for $200 to $300. The tools required to build a homemade solar panel are a solder, a box of nails, a piece of thin plastic or a film coating, and some plywood. These items can be picked up at any home improvement center.

If you are interested in knowing how to make your own solar panels, you can easily obtain an instructional booklet here online.  Depending on how much electricity you want to harness, you can sell your unused electricity back to your power company for credits.
Solar panels can be purchased, but it is so much cheaper to make them yourself. 

Most Do-it-yourselves start out with a piece of plywood or some other type of hard particle board. Once you build your solar panels, you can use them over and over again. You never have to move them or reinstall them, unless you're moving to a new location.

What is Included in the
Green DIY Energy Guide?

This complete "Do It Yourself" Solar Guide has three parts...

#1 DIY Guide

     Solar Panel Systems
This is where you will learn how solar energy is produced and about the solar panel system that you will create.  This guide includes both the basic solar system layout as well as detailed plans for creating your own solar energy. 
•    Step-by-Step Process of Creating Solar Energy
•    How to Find "Free" Solar Panels
•    How to Maintain Your Solar Panel System
Learn how to take the power your solar panels create and run your household energy needs (controller, batteries, inverter, disconnects, etc).   


  #2 DIY Guide

  The "$98 Solar Panel" Guide

Here is where it gets fun.  This is a complete step-by-step explanation of how to build a solar panel from scratch.  Everything from building the solar panel box to connecting solar cells is explained here with color pictures and detailed plans.
  • Detailed Solar Plans
  • Step-by-Step Photos Showing You Exactly What To Do
  • In Our Example the Total Costs Were $98, and You Could Do It For Less


 #3 DIY Guide (Bundle)

Installing and Mounting Solar Panels Guide

Learn the basics of PV solar panel installation with this helpful guide that shows the process of obtaining city permits to installation of the solar panels, to then hooking up to the electrical panel.

 Electrical Wiring Plans for Solar Panels

Learn how to hook up multiple solar panels and how to store your energy using multiple batteries at one time.

 DIY Home Energy Audit

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a Professional Energy Audit for your home. With this DIY Starter Kit you can perform a fast and effective audit and find your home's largest energy wasters.


Bonus Material!

For those who are ready to get started today with their DIY energy, the following bonus is for you.
We are about to start selling the following bonus materials as their own product. But until we get all that set up, I'm going to include it with your purchase today.  I expect we will be removing this bonus in the next day or two.


 "Video Library"

A $97 Value, but included as a Free Bonus Today

Over 1 Hour of "Step-By-Step Videos" showing you the exact process in building your first solar panel 
This is a must have for your Solar Panel Education!  


Build Your Own Wind Turbine

Usually sells for $49.97 but included as a Free Bonus Today

Here is how you can create massive amounts of energy for your home.  Use the wind's energy to power your home!  This beginner's guide gives you a complete understanding of how wind energy is produced and how you can capture it for your own use.
  • Explanation of How Wind Energy Is Produced
  • Learn the Different Parts That Make a Wind Generator
  • How to Buy or Build Your Own Wind Turbine
Learn how to take the power your wind turbine creates and run your household energy needs (controller, batteries, inverter, disconnects, etc). 

The $140 Wind Turbine

If you have ever wanted to see the exact step-by-step process involved in building a homemade wind turbine? Here it is!

  •   Step-by-step plans show you how to build a wind turbine 
  •   Packed full of pictures and diagrams
  •   In Our example the total costs were $140, and you could do it for  less
  •    No fluff here! You will see exactly how to create your own wind  turbine that will produce energy for years.

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