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Going Green , we have all heard the phrase but is it possible ? yes , however , its going to take years before we can get to that place before we can call the world a green planet. There are plenty of alternative energy resources out there that can not only benefit humans but our environment as well. With petroleum based fuels running out quickly , its only logical to find new energy sources that are clean , efficient , renewable and most importantly not harmful to the environment. Solar energy is probably the most common type of alternative energy resource you hear about today , and that's for good reason , solar energy is one of the most powerful , cheap and efficient ways of harnessing clean new energy , through solar panels the suns rays are harnessed and directly transferred to powering homes , cars and even cities. Another low cost option is wind energy , wind farms have now been present in Europe and account for much of their energy usage , wind farms are now taking their place in the world. The newest discovery and perhaps the most powerful is that of algae bio fuels , energy harvested from algae. The technology however is new , on the upside it can be used to make diesel , gasoline and jet fuel. Going green isn't so much a ideology as it is a reality these days , however it is up to us to take charge and stand up. Alternative energy resources will bring new jobs and increase revenue , thus stimulating the worlds economy. The force behind the movement is growing , we just need to keep pushing , the road to a green future wont be easy or be short , but when we arrive to our dream destination , it will be better for us and for the earth.

Review: One hundred green solutions

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Green solutions at home
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Going Green and using renewable energy and green solutions saved me hundreds of dollars this year. Not only did I save money and discover renewable energy resources  and help the environment in my personal life, but I also implemented environmentally friendly processes  and clean energy procedures in my business.

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I'm a small business owner who is always looking for ways to save money without sacrificing the outcome of our products and services. I was able to do that by simply using renewable energy solutions and ideas in this money saving go green eBook to manage my company's printing and paper waste. Our costs went down by 20% last quarter just be using the carbon footprint calculator.

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I can't even begin to tell you how many money saving green benefits this eBook offered me in my personal life. I was never that environmentally friendly, to be honest, but I thought it was time to invest in the future my children were going to have and join the thousands of people going green and helping to save the planet. The savings tips and energy conservation advice found throughout this book is incredible; every page had a Eco friendly suggestion that changes one small part of your lifestyle and saves you money! Who knew that by going green also saved me hundreds!

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I was shocked at the low price Going Green and Saving Green cost me. As I previously stated, I was wary of originally starting this eco-friendly lifestyle. I was worried these eco tips would be something I could easily Google, and would put a strain on the way I like to live my life. I was wrong on both counts! The depth and research that went into these tips was incredible, and I loved the 60-day money back guarantee -- although I obviously didn't use it! My husband and I encourage anyone who wants to save money and help the environment to download this holy grail of money saving green solutions.

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