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Going Green , we have all heard the phrase but is it possible ? yes , however , its going to take years before we can get to that place before we can call the world a green planet. There are plenty of alternative energy resources out there that can not only benefit humans but our environment as well. With petroleum based fuels running out quickly , its only logical to find new energy sources that are clean , efficient , renewable and most importantly not harmful to the environment. Solar energy is probably the most common type of alternative energy resource you hear about today , and that's for good reason , solar energy is one of the most powerful , cheap and efficient ways of harnessing clean new energy , through solar panels the suns rays are harnessed and directly transferred to powering homes , cars and even cities. Another low cost option is wind energy , wind farms have now been present in Europe and account for much of their energy usage , wind farms are now taking their place in the world. The newest discovery and perhaps the most powerful is that of algae bio fuels , energy harvested from algae. The technology however is new , on the upside it can be used to make diesel , gasoline and jet fuel. Going green isn't so much a ideology as it is a reality these days , however it is up to us to take charge and stand up. Alternative energy resources will bring new jobs and increase revenue , thus stimulating the worlds economy. The force behind the movement is growing , we just need to keep pushing , the road to a green future wont be easy or be short , but when we arrive to our dream destination , it will be better for us and for the earth.

Create a 1kw Solar Energy System with solar


How To build solar panels and install a 1kw system. 4 solar panels, charge controller, deep cycle battery's and inverter to power your home or business.
Create A 1kw Solar Energy System

Create A 1kw Solar Energy System  

is a comprehensive instruction source on how to build your own solar panels  or solar energy system that you can install yourself.

Solar Energy System

Video: Solar Energy System

Solar Energy System

The solar energy system comes with instructional videos and manuals on building solar panels. You will learn where to shop for supplies to get the best buy on hardware and equipment needed. The videos show you how to build and put the solar panels together. The instruction in this eBook are so comprehensive many readers complete the project in one weekend.


Education: Solar Energy System

Solar Energy System

With the download you will receive educational material about solar energy. It will explain how solar energy is generated and channeled. Part II explains how to build and install a solar panel for under $115.  Part II also has a solar calculator that assists you on  how many solar panels you will need in your installation and range of battery backup. It will provide detailed instructions on proper installation of panels and electrical wiring. This is important to know  , and this eBook will take you step by step on how to wire up your solar installation correctly.

Review: Solar Energy System

Solar Energy System

The Green Energy Junkie solar energy system has countless positive customer reviews by users who have installed their own solar system. You do not have to be a solar installer or technical person to install  this unique do it yourself project. The instructions are complete and easy to use and follow.

The best part is that you immediately will save money on your electric bill and not spend thousands on solar panels.  The sun provides you with free electricity right from the start.





 The Solar Energy System story: 

It was designed by Alexander Hughes,a man who lost his job, and began to work part-time for a solar panel company. When he worked for this company, he began to investigate how to make his own solar panels and install them.

He found the  supplies in a local hardware and built these panels cheaper than the solar company. He designed and built the panels then installed them in his own home. Over the next few months, his electric bill was drastically reduced. He had found that solar energy  is a great source of renewable energy.

Alexander began to invite friends and family over to his home to show them how to make and build solar panels as well. His weekends were filled with this activity. He decided to design a solar training program with videos, manuals and instructions that customers could download because his seminar was so popular. Green Energy Junkie was created for the average person.

  • Why you should run like hell from $15,000 and $25,000 retail solar panel systems
  • A little known way to slash your electric bill by 80% or more (or even get off the grid entirely)
  • How a “technologically retarded” guy stumbled on a way to generate free energy with homemade solar panels
  • A simple, 5-step process on how to build and install your own low-cost solar panels
  • And how to say “goodbye” to the electric company… and “hello” to clean, FREE electricity!